The Network

Alabama CASA Network serves as the state-wide parent organization by providing support, technical assistance, training and guidance to local CASA programs. This includes volunteer training and continuing education, board development, fundraising and development assistance, public awareness efforts, and legislative and governmental advocacy. Alabama CASA Network is also charged with beginning new CASA programs throughout the state.

Umbrella Programs

Some local CASA programs are housed under the umbrella of Alabama CASA, meaning the state-wide organization manages the day-to-day activities of the local program. In addition to these current umbrella programs, all new local programs begin under the Alabama CASA Network in an effort to achieve continuity among new and existing programs. The following are Alabama CASA's current umbrella programs:

Autauga County CASA
Jefferson County CASA
Northeast Region CASA
Wiregrass Region CASA

Member Programs

Other local CASA programs are considered independent programs, meaning they are a separate 501(c)3, they have their own board of directors, and Alabama CASA Network staff is not involved in the day-to-day management and operations of the organization. All independent programs must, however, abide by certain standards set by Alabama CASA to be a member in good standing of the network and receive support, training, technical assistance, and funding opportunities from Alabama CASA Network.  The following are independent local CASA programs who are all members in good standing with Alabama CASA Network:

CAJA of Madison County
CAJA of Marshall County
CASA of North Alabama
Cullman County CASA
Dallas County CASA
Lee County CASA
Mobile County CASA
Shelby County CASA
Shoals CASA