CASA Roadshow

coming soon to an office near you

Starting April 2017, Alabama CASA Network launched a new and exciting new way for Alabama corporations, law firms, schools, and more can involve their company and employees in our CASA Roadshow initiative. 

Many corporations today are looking for new, exciting, and meaningful ways to offer their employees the opportunity to “give back” to their communities. It is a well-established fact that today’s employees and job seekers are looking for meaningful corporate cultures. Being involved with Alabama CASA in this way enriches your corporate culture in untold ways. The Harvard Business Review confirms that today’s employees expect their employers to provide an enriching, nurturing business culture that enhances their daily life and helps them accomplish a sense of belonging and “giving back” to the community in which they work.  This is of particular interest to the GenX and Millennial jobseekers and employees, who according to Forbes Magazine, value “culture and cause” above all other reasons to work for an employer, because they find their sense of purpose when their employers help connect them to causes they believe in. 

How do I get my company involved? 

The good news is, all you have to do is invite us to help! There’s no cost or required contributions for you as a business.  We work with your team to set up a time to come and present the Alabama CASA story and organize volunteer opportunities. We work with your management team on an ongoing basis on improving the opportunities we offer, and we provide lots of direction and support for your corporate volunteers.  Fill out the form below to get more information on this exciting new program that’s already benefitting the lives of vulnerable children across the state.

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