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"I’ve seen the difference a CASA Volunteer can make in a child’s life. A CASA Volunteer is, by nature of the position, better suited to being intimately involved in a case. Because they are Volunteers and not bound by either state or parental interests, their focus on the children involved in their cases remains clear.  I depend on CASA Volunteers to provide me independent and objective information about a child and that child’s family so that I can make the best decisions possible for children in Colbert County.  In fact, I believe that the information provided by CASA in my courtroom has actually saved a child’s life." - Judge Chad Coker, Colbert County Juvenile and Family Court Judge

118 East Mobile Street
Suite 10
Florence, AL 35630

Phone: (256) 765-0041
Office Hours: Monday - Friday
                      9:00 am - 4:30 pm

Andrea Holt, Director

Rachel Aday, Volunteer Coordinator

We are committed to serving every child. Here's how you can help:

This is one cause where the actions of a single person mean everything. One Volunteer Advocate, trained and empowered to ensure that a child can thrive in the safe embrace of a loving, permanent home and family make a difference to each child served.

CASA is one of the most effective returns on philanthropic investments. Every $1 invested in CASA yields a $23.40 return in advocacy efforts for abused and neglected children. Your financial contribution is a sound investment in the future of children. CASA is a registered non-profit organization and donations are tax-deductible to the extent of the law.  Your investment will change the life of our most precious resource: our children.

Spread the word.
What if you do not have time to volunteer? What if your family's budget doesn't allow at this time for you to invest in CASA's work? You can still be a key part of the solution.  It's as easy as connecting with our agency via social media or signing up to receive our program's newsletter and special announcements.  You may be the connection between a child and his or her CASA Volunteer that we've been searching for!